Residents supporting residents

Each village can have a Resident Committee, which is involved in determining what activities take place in the village and play an important role in developing the range of services available.

Typically the Resident Committee is elected annually at an Annual General Meeting and the Committee works with the Village Manager for the good of all residents.

Residents also play an important role approving the annual village budget each year. Because the budget relates to the allocation of the services fees paid monthly by the residents (see Fees & Charges, Service Fees), it is important that residents have a role in determining exactly how money is spent in maintaining and improving the village.

There are also state associations of retirement village residents. Residents can choose to join their state association who represent all people living in retirement villages and provide a single voice for all residents.

The Property Council works closely with the associations, particularly in relation to legislative matters.

For more information of the associations follow the links below:

  • The Retirement Village Residents Association (RVRA)- NSW & ACT –
  • Association of Residents of Queensland Retirement Villages (ARQRV) –
  • South Australian Retirement Village Residents Association SARVRA –
  • Residents of Retirement Villages Victoria (RRVV)–
  • WARCRA Western Australia Retirement Complexes Residents’ Association (WARCRA)–

There is also now a national residents association, encompassing the leadership of each state organisation: the Australian Retirement Village Residents’ Association –