Q. Must I be retired or I can I still continue to work while living in a village?
A. It is not unusual for residents to continue to work in the village.  In fact some villages report 20-30% of residents still work full or part time and offer a range of business facilities and even meeting rooms. If you intend to work you should ask management what their policy is.

Q. Are there village rules and will I feel restricted by them?
A. Most villages will have a set of rules that help residents and their guests enjoy the village facilities and lifestyle with minimal distractions. These rules are based on common sense and courtesy. They define a mutual understanding between residents and between management and residents, about the use of the village common areas. Always ask to see a copy of the village rules before you make a commitment as only you can judge whether they are compatible with your expectations.

Q. Is it mandatory to have emergency call system in villages?
A. While the installation of emergency call systems is not legislated, most retirement villages do have them. It’s very common practice in the industry to have them. Any RVA accredited village will have emergency call systems installed.

Q. Can I have a pet?
A. Some villages will allow cats, small dogs, fish or birds – others none at all. Make sure to ask your village for its pet policy.

Q. Are meals available and are they delivered to my room if I am unwell to cook for myself?
A. Most retirement villages can provide meals to your door should you be too ill to cook for yourself. It’s best to check with the individual village to see if this is a service they can provide for you.

Q. Do I have to fit in with what everyone else is doing?
A. Absolutely not. This is your home to enjoy in anyway way you wish to. You are free to participate in community activities as much or as little as you like.

Q. Are there Carports, Garages and Caravan Storage Facilities available?
A. Some villages do provide a number of carports and lock-up garages. Caravan storage maybe available but it’s best to check with the individual village. Caravans are not usually permitted to be stored on the grounds surrounding your residence.