Sports Bar & Cinema

At many retirement villages, you don’t need to step out of your doorway to get your entertainment fix or to enjoy a leisurely drink at the bar.

Play bridge with friends, indulge in sing-a-longs in the clubhouse or lounge or simply enjoy a drink with your friends or family while soaking up the atmosphere in the sports bar.

Whether you just want a quiet drink at the bar, partake in a village party, play some bingo, have a punt  or watch your favourite sport live, you can be entertained anytime of the week.

Happy hour is a regular activity in many retirement villages so there’s always an opportunity for you to be social within your community.

At the cinema, catch the latest films or step back in time to watch the classics in the cinema or movie room.

Many retirement villages offer residents a comfortable venue to see the latest films with the choice of afternoon matinees or evening viewings.

Whether you’re a movie buff or you like to watch the occasional flick, there’s sure to be something that you will enjoy.

Each individual village has a set of Resident Rules and they will outline any restrictions on access or use of the bar and cinema.