Men’s Shed

Living in a retirement village does not mean that men have to give up the things they love doing. Many retirement villages provide sheds and work shops for residents to stay connected within the village, while keeping them active and busy.

Much like a traditional backyard shed, they provide a relaxed place for men to meet and continue a hobby, learn new skills or just meet and talk with fellow residents about anything from cricket to health issues.

A man’s shed provides a friendly, accessible workshop where men can work on their own projects or help with others on their projects. For the active or retired tradesperson or teacher, they can provide a great opportunity for people to pass on their skills and experience for the benefit of other residents.

Tinkering in the shed is also a great way for men to take an active interest in their own health and wellbeing and to connect with other residents without any pressure. After all, it’s well known that men are reluctant to talk about health issues so chatting with mates in the shed is one place they might do it.