Library & Business Centre

If you’re a book lover, indulge yourself in the village library where you can find a collection of books including fiction, non-fiction and audio-visual material.

Residents can find a selection of novels, autobiographies and general interest topics. Find a quiet place to read, play cards or have an intimate chat with a friend or neighbour.

Resident volunteers often support the library to ensure the books and the library are well maintained and looked after.

Make the most of your Retirement Village Business Centre

Many retirees have retired in name only and actually continue to work (or volunteer), albeit usually for reduced hours. Some retain an active or even a controlling interest in a business they have built up.

For people like these, a Business Centre is a great idea. To begin with, it means they can get out of the home and conduct their business in a professional and distraction-free environment.

Business Centres often share accommodation with the library and are furnished and maintained by the retirement village. They try to provide access to at least some of the tools of modern business, such as a photocopier, fax machine, a few personal computers, a printer and high-speed internet access.

Even non-business people can make good use of a Business Centre. It’s an appropriate place to meet with your financial or legal advisor, for example.