In most villages, the dining area is located close to the Community Centre, providing a central point of resident activity, whether it’s a morning coffee with the newspaper, a small gathering for lunch or quality time with the family at dinner.

If you don’t feel like cooking, then dine out or order in if you prefer. The flexibility to choose what to do depending on how you feel is the reason why retirement villages fulfil the needs of so many residents.

From bistro style to à la carte dining, residents’ specific likes, dislikes and dietary needs are all catered for, with dining rooms offering a wide and varied food and drinks menu.

If everyone’s in the mood for fun, you can push back the tables and crank up the dance music, or just enjoy conversation, laughter and storytelling with your fellow residents, because the dining room is the perfect place not just for eating, but for living too.

Each individual village will operate their dining facilities according to their requirements and they will outline any restrictions on access or use of the Dining Room. Please check with the Village Manager or Sales Consultant on this particular service.