There are many different types of retirement villages you can choose from to suit your lifestyle.

Whether you’re looking for an inner-city apartment, a home by the sea, a brand new villa or serviced apartment, you won’t have any problem finding the right retirement village and accommodation for you.

Broad-acre villages comprise Villa Units with small front yards and courtyards to enjoy outdoor living.

At the heart of a broad acre village is the community centre, which is a hub of resident activity and one of the most enjoyable aspects of retirement living.

Villa units provide you with the freedom to go about your daily activities while being able to live in a safe, secure and comfortable environment.

Another form of accommodation is Apartment Living, often referred to as vertical villages, most typically located in inner city locations or at select coastal villages and holiday destinations with many featuring a balcony to enjoy the morning sun.

Many villages offer residents options for ongoing support as their needs change over time. Increasingly this care is available while residents continue to live in their existing villa or apartment through the provision of fee based care services or Government funded Care Packages (subject to Government eligibility requirements).

Alternatively, Serviced Apartments with meal and laundry services are available in many villages. For those requiring even higher levels of care, certain villages include or are located close to Residential Aged Care facilities where Commonwealth funding is often available to residents (subject to Government eligibility requirements). This can be an ideal solution for couples requiring different levels of needs who wish to remain together.

Available care options provide real peace of mind to those looking to purchase in a village that will serve their needs both now and in the years ahead as individual circumstances may change.