About Retirement Villages

Did you know more than 95 per cent of people who live in retirement villages indicate village life meets or exceeds their expectations?

Perhaps you’re at the stage in your life where you want to take things easy, start smelling the roses and simply enjoy your retirement.

Maybe you want a lifestyle change, be closer to friends and family or you desire more free time to do the things you’ve always wanted to.

Perhaps the garden is too big to maintain or the upkeep of your family home has become too much?

Imagine living at a place where home maintenance is a thing of the past. As you grow older and become more aware of your health and mobility, living in a retirement village can provide you with a high level of support in an idyllic residence that encourages independence as well as the ability to enjoy social and leisure activities, if you choose.

Retirement villages offer a positive choice to many thousands of older Australians and the best part is you can find a village near you that meets your needs and budget, designed and built with your safety and comfort in mind.

Feel safe and secure knowing that most villages have on-site 24 hour emergency call systems, staff that can assist your daily needs, and are conveniently located close to community services and facilities.

You’ll never tire of the lifestyle opportunities and leisure facilities awaiting you including pools, cafes, restaurants, cinemas and even golf courses.

You too can be part of a community that enhances your choice of independent living and live an active healthy life that offers you an aspirational lifestyle, safety, security and peace of mind – right at your door step.

Your retirement years are to be enjoyed and free of burden.  So whether you want to downsize your suburban house, meet like-minded people or just simply not have to worry about lifting another finger, an accredited retirement village is perfectly suited to you.