Making The Move

The decision to move into a retirement village is a big commitment, but one that more than 180,000 Australians have made and are glad that they did. It’s important that you carefully consider the lifestyle that you are seeking and the options available to you when looking at retirement village living.

You will need to consider what your needs and personal preferences and some key questions are likely to emerge. For example, you should give thought to:

  • the type of accommodation you want to live in (whether it’s a villa, apartment or serviced apartment)
  • if the village has been accredited
  • where the village is located and if it has access to aged care facilities
  • the costs and fees
  • the activities and services at each village
  • if there are places such as libraries, churches and recreation facilities nearby

Before you make the commitment, we highly recommend that you visit a number of retirement villages and speak to their village manager and sales staff. Feel free to visit them more than once if you need to and ask if they will allow you to talk to some of the residents or members of the resident committee. They often are happy to talk to you.

Make sure you clearly understand your rights and obligations, the financial arrangements and compare fees and charges. You should also consider extra expenses in the future, such as meals, cleaning or transferring to a different type of accommodation should your personal care needs change.

With some research and independent financial and legal advice, you can be assured that you will have no trouble finding the right retirement village to suit you.

To assist you in your move, we have prepared a checklist of questions and things to consider that you can print off and take with you when you research your move and visit retirement villages.

Perhaps you need help with downsizing, relocating to your new home, purchasing the right cover of insurance or you need to talk to someone about your legal and financial obligations.