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Response to weekend Fairfax article

In her column on Saturday 26 August, Adele Ferguson wrote about a legal case involving some residents of the Palm Lake Resort Willow Lodge.

While it seems that the Willow Lodge residents might have been retired, what Ms Ferguson failed to mention was that Willow Lodge is not a retirement village.

In this case, the dispute had very little to do with exit fees and everything to do with pre-contract disclosure, the importance of obtaining legal advice and how the contracts were negotiated.

The Willow Lodge contracts were subject to the Victorian Residential Tenancies Act, which is a law that applies to home residential tenancies. In Victoria, like other States, retirement villages are regulated by a completely different piece of legislation, known clearly as the Retirement Villages Act.

Any suggestion that these two pieces of legislation cover the same issues, the same accommodation and service offering or the same residents is just plain wrong.

Readers deserve better than misleading and erroneous columns by a trusted journalist.