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A giant leap for the retirement living industry

Read all about Point Cook Village’s Lifemark experience and how the benefits of accreditation are being experienced by its residents

The retirement living industry has launched a new accreditation scheme that provides a professional quality assurance framework for villages, using the most rigorous standards.


The Lifemark Village Scheme replaces the Australian Retirement Village Accreditation Scheme (ARVA), and builds on its fine track record in accrediting many hundreds of high-quality retirement living communities across Australia.

Lifemark is geared towards continual improvement, and assists operators and villages to be more accountable and responsive to village residents, which in turn safeguards the industry against unnecessary regulatory intervention.

Improved industry standards with a resident focus

The Lifemark Village Scheme standards have been devised to ensure that all people in our communities live in ethically managed villages, and enjoy a comfortable and safe lifestyle.

Lifemark also provides a strong platform for operators to assure prospective and existing residents that they are committed to standards that go well beyond what the law requires.

The Lifemark Village Scheme has 26 standards, which align with international standards and capture the essence of high performance from a resident’s perspective. The standards are divided into six categories of village performance:

  • Lifestyle: social activities, transport, resident involvement in decision making
  • Support: information, resident orientation, communication, satisfaction
  • People/staff: dignity and privacy, performance of employees and volunteers, staff orientation, performance management, people development
  • Safety: security, signage, emergency procedures, disaster planning
  • Regulations: food and catering, financial arrangements, compliance, occupational health and safety, insurance
  • Village policy: dispute resolution, resident meetings, maintenance

Third party auditors – greater independence

A professional accreditation body, BSI Australia, has been contracted to independently administer the Lifemark Village Scheme.

BSI is one of Australia’s largest and most experienced accreditation and certification bodies. It audits dozens of schemes for a variety of industries and complex consumer-oriented businesses, including Woolworths and McDonalds, and health and human services providers.

BSI is responsible for the appointment, training and development of auditors, and all aspects of the accreditation process.

Benefits to retirement village operators

The key benefits to retirement living communities from accreditation under the Lifemark Village Scheme include:

  • Independent auditors, which will give residents greater comfort as to the independent nature of assessments, screened for conflict of interest with villages (residents, managers or owners);
  • The introduction of a new 18 month on-site surveillance check, the most rigorous for any industry association;
  • A new, simpler and more equitable annual fee structure that takes into account the size of the village operator;
  • Operators with two or more sites and centralised head office systems will be audited by a multi-site sampling and head office method, in recognition of the evolution of operational systems for many multi-village owners.

Applications for Lifemark accreditation

All queries and applications are processed by BSI. Visit their website for more information or to make an inquiry about the Lifemark Village Scheme.

More information

Lifemark Standards
Lifemark Scheme Rules

The Lifemark Village Scheme (Scheme) is intended as a positive means of attaining and improving the quality of retirement village operations.

The Property Council of Australia ACN 008 474 422 and Lifemark Village Pty Ltd ACN 162 592 921 (including their directors, officers, employees and agents) specifically disclaims any liability for any loss or damage arising out of, or in any way connected to the Scheme.

By continuing to access the Scheme’s web pages or any of the documents related to the Scheme, applying for accreditation under the Scheme, residing at a retirement village which is accredited under the Scheme or whose owner and operator is accredited under the Scheme or visiting a retirement village which is accredited under the Scheme, you indicate your acknowledgment and acceptance of this disclaimer. If you do not accept these terms and conditions, you must not engage in any of the above mentioned activities.